Fixed broken assets on this site.

Tweaked some sprites.
Modified some parameters involving textboxes.
Coded stairs into the game.

Added a bed for Mono.
Mono's room is now an attic.

Updated the intro page for this site.

Added a door sprite, a ladder sprite, a floor sprite, and a wall sprite.

Slowly, slowly, this game is becoming more of a game.

[03/12/24, since hiatus]
I'm back.

Sprite was implemented.
Added wavy, shaky, and colored text.
Added branching dialogue.

Fixed a bug that occurred after switching dialogue options.
Fixed a miscalculation for diagonal movement speed.
Fixed some broken assets on this site and cleaned some parts up.

Expect frequent revisions to be made.

Added a dialogue sprite for Mono (very handsome).

Working on implementing that along with nametags and textbox animations.

A very bare rendition of Mono's room has been established in game.